Glen Matten

Glen has profoundly changed my view on nutrition and supplementation with his evidence based knowledge, uber professional manner, disarming charm, and love of all things food! He is an asset to the KX team.”

Gideon Remfry, Fitness Manager, KX

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Glen introduces Sirtfoods, the subject of his best-selling new book.


“Glen is an award winning author. His most recent book is the ground breaking The Sirtfood Diet, a revolutionary plan for health and weight loss.”

Meet Glen Nutrition nerd. Full on foodie.

With a Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine, and a predilection for good food, Glen is a nutrition nerd and full-on foodie in equal measures; an inimitable mash-up that saw him combining nuggets of nutritional knowledge with some stonking recipes in his first book The 100 Foods You Should be Eating.

But, there’s more to Glen’s repertoire than a few decent dishes, namely his conviction that our diet and lifestyle holds the true key to resolving the majority of our modern-day health woes. Frustrated by the mire of misinformation out there, and impassioned to bring rock-solid advice to the general public, Glen’s second book was conceived; The Health Delusion, the award-winning, myth-busting, no-holds barred account of what has gone wrong with our collective health and how we can put it right.

Glen’s most recent offering is the ground breaking The Sirtfood Diet, a revolutionary plan for health and weight loss. It has rapidly become the go-to diet for celebrities and elite athletes alike. Model and TV presenter Jodie Kidd says Sirtfoods are her “secret to looking great” whilst world champion boxer David Haye credits Sirtfoods for helping him “attain a body composition and wellbeing previously unimaginable.”

Glen’s fresh approach to nutrition has led to frequent forays into the media, and as well as being an award-winning writer, he has made numerous TV and radio appearances.

Glen Matten

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@magsieboop Great to hear. The book is obviously copyrighted! But great to share recipes with friends.

Glen Matten


Glen provides a straight-talking, no frills, no nonsense approach to nutrition. As a man that questions everything, Glen doesn’t do ‘one size fits all’.

Glen’s not about fads, but facts. His strong background in nutritional medicine means he uses the latest scientific research to underpin the highly effective nutritional programmes he carefully designs for each of his clients.

Glen has a global client base, including a number of elite athletes and celebrities, and currently holds nutrition clinics at KX and The Hale Clinic.

Glen has a meticulous approach to monitoring progress and is on hand to support patients every step of the way on their nutritional journey. His current patients frequently commend his accessibility, genuineness and results driven approach which settles for nothing other than achieving the best for each of his patients.

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In the news Glen makes frequent forays into the media and here are some of his best bits

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Glen Matten

“Unquestioningly the leading nutritionist in the UK; Glen's prescience and passion for health shines through immediately from first acquaintance, and only strengthens from there on. Always the first person I recommend, and I can't imagine working with anyone else."

Corporate Assignments

As well as an experienced track record in one to one patient consultations, Glen has successfully supported projects for larger scale organisations.

Glen has worked with a number of companies to improve the health, wellbeing and performance of their staff. These include Virgin, HSBC, The Royal College of Physicians, The Crown Prosecution Service, and KX. Whether it's a range of highly versatile workshops and seminars, individual nutritional advice for staff, or a staff restaurant makeover, Glen offers a bespoke and tailored consultancy service.

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What Glen’s patients say..

Glen's commitment to giving good advice based on sound research is very important in a world that can be overloaded with nonsense press headlines and ill-informed articles. His Masters degree, book The Health Delusion and regular newsletter are beacons to his professional approach. His advice is priceless.

When it comes to the service Glen provides, firstly and most importantly - it works! The treatments, dietary advice and supplements that he's recommended have made the single biggest difference to my health out of anything else I've tried over the years. That's so valuable to me and I will always be hugely grateful for that.

I found the service Glen provides not valuable but invaluable - from being told my partner was infertile to 3 children later…

Glen is the only nutritionist I really trust […] the nutritional advice he provides my patients with is invaluable.

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Glen Matten

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